Pest Control

A pest control specialist placing a small rodent trap
A pest control specialist placing a small rodent bait box

Roecall Services can offer a complete and professional pest control solution for you. We are fully ADAS/ Lantra / NPTC / DSC2 trained in the use of all associated products and treatments. We are also an accredited member of NPTA and have full public liability insurance.

Roecall Services can offer advice and practical solutions to help manage pests within both domestic and commercial environments. We can deal with a wide variety of animals including insects, wasps and fleas, rats, mice, squirrels, rabbits, moles, foxes and birds. There are many circumstances where a pest infestation can be very serious, both financially and from a health and safety perspective. In these situations the services of an experienced, professional pest controller are required to deal with the problem.

Each case presented to us is surveyed and assessed with recommendations made as to the most effective treatment and associated costs involved. Roecall Services would be pleased to quote for Pest Management under contract and bespoke, tailored to a specific need. We employ modern and traditional methods of pest control and have a wide range of resources at our disposal. Roecall Services work closely with Fencing Contractors who can provide good quality rabbit proofing that is fit for purpose.

Make us your first point of contact for the control of all pests, rodents and vermin.

What Pests do Roecall Services Pest Control deal with?


There are many insects that can cause a significant risk to health, business and property. These include: Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Carpet beetles, Clothes moths to name a few.


During the hot summer months wasps can quickly develop nests in various parts of your property and can become a dangerous nuisance, particularly to those who react badly to insect stings.


Fleas can easily catch a ride into your property by hitching a ride on your pet dog or cat. Once inside, they can rapidly start breeding and will cause significant discomfort to pets and people if an infestation sets in. Professional pest control is usually required in these situations – fleas are durable creatures whose focus is survival.

Rats & Mice

Both rats and mice are a health hazard and can contaminate your home and business premises. They can also pose a physical risk to your property. Gnawed water pipes can cause flooding. Electrical cables and gas pipes, when gnawed, can pose a fire risk.

Early treatment, once activity has been noticed, is essential in managing and clearing the infestation.


Unfortunately, Grey Squirrels will often find their way into a property, roof voids are a common nesting area with ready made bedding in the form of insulation material. Gnawed pipes and cables could be a flood/fire risk.

Prompt treatment of these visitors is required to help protect your home and its occupants from serious damage. Modifications to the property are usually required with the identification and repairing of entry points an essential task.


Rabbit infestations are controlled using both modern and traditional methods, depending on the circumstances and the time of year.

Damage to crops, gardens and soil stability are all the results of rabbit activity.  We can procure and install Rabbit proof fencing as, when and where it is required.


Roecall Services has the training and equipment to treat moles in an effective manner. They are experienced in the use of gassing and trapping techniques in both domestic and agricultural environments.

Each area of activity is assessed as to which method would be most appropriate.


We are able to advise and offer options in relation to this animal.


Some species of birds can cause serious problems in and around properties if left unchecked. Pigeons, for example, will start to occupy and breed in warehousing and farm barns if they are left uncontrolled. This will lead to the contamination of equipment and produce with pigeon droppings resulting in a risk to human health and financial costs.

We can advise and offer effective solutions to manage this particular pest.