Deer Management

deer management services for fallow, roe and red deer
Fallow deer grazing in thinned forestry

With 20 years of practical deer management experience, Roecall Services can advise on the management of various wild animals including wild deer and wild boar. We will engage with our client to carefully survey and assess the area of land where the animals reside. We will then make our recommendations and plan a course of action according to our clients’ instructions.

Should a quote be required for fencing, Roecall Services work closely with Fencing Contractors who are experienced in erecting Deer Fencing that is fit for purpose. We are trained to Deer Stalking Certification level 2 and Lantra Wild Game Meat Hygiene Level 2, we only use approved Game Dealers to receive any surplus of harvest.

Why is Deer Management Necessary?

Wild deer, and in some areas, wild boar, are breeding in ever-increasing numbers across the UK.  A point is often reached where the overpopulation begins to impact on the wider rural environment where deer have no natural predators. Action needs to be taken to prevent damage to livestock, forestry, crops, gardens and also the wild deer themselves. This may take the form of carefully placed fencing through to harvesting a suitable number of animals per season as part of a deer management plan, to keep the balance with our shared environment.

The Benefits of Managing Deer

Once a suitable management plan has been created and acted upon, a healthy, balanced population of males and females will exist. There will be less pressure on the environment for food and browsing of valuable trees, vines and crops.

Traffic collisions with deer have increased over the past few years. This is likely due to deer numbers going out of control in locations near roads because of the lack of or inadequate deer management.  When the population gets too high in a particular area, the deer spread out, resulting in them coming closer and closer to dangerous roads. By managing the deer population, this should help reduce distressing road accidents involving deer and people.

As a renewable resource, venison can be harvested to provide high quality meat. It is low in cholesterol and free from any of the additives you might find in similar supermarket products.

Areas Covered

We cover the counties of Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Essex, Suffolk & Norfolk.

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